How to ChoseThe Right Asbestos Surveyor

Afew months ago We Buy Houses company based in San Antonio, TX. Some house owners presume that they have asbestos in certain areas of their home and choose to remove it either on their own, or to hire a removal service, skipping the survey. This is not recommended, as only a survey can establish precisely where the asbestos is and in what quantities.

There are plenty accredited Asbestos Surveyors in the UK, and finding one won’t be a problem. But for for best results it’s important to choose a qualified, experienced, and professional asbestos surveyor.

What to look for in an asbestos surveyor? Accreditation means that he will get the job done, but to make sure he will work quickly and effectively you also want to make sure that he… Has conducted asbestos surveys before, for at least a few years, and knows the health dangers these entail, for himself and for the building  adequate training in carrying out surveys for the specific type of building you own – doing a survey in a home is quite a different thing from doing one in a large commercial  his work in accordance with the guidelines set in HSG264.

Choosing the right asbestos surveyor Assessing the competency of the asbestos surveyors you consider hiring is crucial, especially if your project is large and needs to be carried out before a deadline.

Step 1 – Check the surveyor’s accreditation and portfolio. You can usually do this through his website and via phone. Knowing that he has surveyed before the type of building you want him to survey is crucial.

Step 2 – Make sure that the surveyor takes all the safety measures while conducting his research. Do this by contacting him and asking him how he will carry out the survey. If you feel that he treats safety measures too lightly, ask him to be more careful.

Step 3 – Get a written declaration from the asbestos surveyor that states he can operate with integrity and impartiality, and then obtain copies from his insurance certificates. This step will take some time, but it will prevent many unpleasant problems that might appear later on if the survey is not carried properly, or if during it the surveyor is injured. For further information about asbestos surveyors and how to work with them consult the leaflet HSE Survey Guide mentioned above.

What to expect during the survey Asbestos surveyors identify the location of asbestos-containing materials, the specific type of asbestos they contain, and the condition of these materials. Undamaged asbestos in an area that is rarely used, such as the attic, is sometimes best left alone. However, when asbestos occurs in the garage, then it’s usually removed. All in all, it’s best to let the surveyor decide whether or not the asbestos you have in your home needs to be removed. Once the survey is done, the surveyor will compile a report.

How will the survey be carried out? After you agree to a date and time with the surveyor, he will come to the building you want surveyed and begin his investigation by walking through the premises and asking you questions about the age of the building. Things he will look at with care include pipes and ceilings. He will look at every room in the building, basements and attics included, as these two are especially likely to contain asbestos. If you have chosen an extensive survey – which is recommended, as this is the only one that provides complete information about the presence of asbestos in your home – the surveyor might ask you to move some furniture to enable him to do his examinations. Areas suspected to contain asbestos will be photographed, and samples will be taken. Depending on the size of the survey and on the speediness of the surveyor, the full report with samples analyzed will be ready anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. In the end you have to keep in mind that because of the health threat that asbestos poses it’s important to choose qualified, experienced, and professional asbestos surveyors, only after conducting a rigorous search.