Griffintown: The Trendiest Neighbourhood to Live in Montreal

Griffintown was once an industrial district in the middle of Montreal. It was not exactly known as a nice place to live in. But after 10 years of significant changes, the face of Griffintown is changing. The district is quickly becoming the trendiest neighbourhood in Montreal. Many buyers are finding condo living to be an attractive choice. So, what are some things about the neighbourhood that makes it so attractive?

1. Griffintown is growing … fast.

In recent years, Griffintown has seen an explosion of development. From restaurants to residential properties, the district is rapidly growing and diversifying. For locals, this means more things to do as well as more money pouring into the local economy. Particular focus has been given to residential development, the demand for which has been met with significant new supply.

2. It is perfect for exploring and experiencing culture.

It is no secret that greater Montreal is a hotbed of culture and history. But Griffintown is also gaining a reputation for its cuisine, history, culture, arts, and more. From the Old Port to new restaurants cropping up along Notre-Dame Street West, the neighbourhood has a wide array of cultural attractions to sample. There are also rooftop pools, art galleries, outdoor sporting opportunities, and concerts.

3. It’s a modern city in every sense of the word.

There’s no doubt that Griffintown is the product of the 21st century. For one thing, it has a range of transports options, both public and private. Travellers can catch a ride on the metro and get almost anywhere in the city. There are also buses, trains, and other modes of transport. But those are not the only reasons the district holds up firmly as a city of the modern era. It is also a central hub for AirBnB locations. The neighbourhood may only have one hotel, but travellers will find no shortage of room options when they come to visit.

4. It’s easily accessible from other parts of the local area.

There is a distinct reason why Griffintown is so popular with millennials working in professional industries. It is situated firmly adjacent to the business district as well as Old Montreal. Although there are numerous ways to get to downtown on foot (it is within easy walking distance), there are also bus and metro lines available. All of these options serve to make Griffintown accessible from multiple parts of Greater Montreal.

5. There are tons of options for housing. One thing is certain: There is no shortage of places to live in Griffintown. From houses to apartments to condos, residents have the freedom to choose what kind of house they want. With the constant development in the area, those options are only expanding. This also means that housing is within easy distance of work areas, as well as places for shopping, athletics, culture, and more. Different housing options also mean opportunities for everyone regardless of their housing budget. Choices like these make Griffintown a perfect place to settle in.