How to find the Right Removalists in Melbourne?

Are you moving house? If you are, then you certainly need some help. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving next door, to another city or even another country; you still need somebody to help you in the process, as it’s too complex to handle on your own.

That someone could be a member of your family or a friend, but sometimes it’s hard to find people who are willing enough to spend their spare time on packing and relocating items. Moving is not simple, as it requires time and full attention which you can’t get from everyone.

You need somebody who would take this job seriously and who would be a better person for that unless a professional removalist? These professionals are trained for the job, have a lot of experience, possess the right knowledge and skills and most importantly, they are fast. Moving house on your own can take weeks unlike hiring professional movers who would complete the process in one or two days.

There are numerous ways in which you can find a removalist company in your local area. You can ask around for references or simply look for one online, as most companies have their own websites, such as

Since moving requires high level of responsibility, make sure you hire a mover you can trust. These tips might help you find the right one.

Know what you need

Prior to looking for a removalist company, you have to determine your requirements as not all of them offer the same services. For instance, if you are moving to a near town, you’ll need a local firm, but in case you are migrating to another state, you’ll need an interstate one.

In addition, think about how much you want the removalists to be involved in the process. Do you want a full service which includes the packing of your belongings or you’ll do the packing yourself? How many fragile items do you have? Answer these questions to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Check the company’s reputation

Trustworthiness is one thing you must find in a moving firm, as the team of professionals will be in charge of relocating your entire home which naturally means a lot to you. The list of professionals you find online can be a long one, so you need to start a process of elimination.

Make sure you check if each firm has an address where you can find it as well as a landline phone number. Movers who only give you their mobile number and don’t have an office, should be taken off the list.

Another thing is to look for accredited professionals. If they are reliable, they will be accredited by different associations and you should ask for a proof.

Get quotes

After shortening your list, you are probably left with couple of professional movers and you should get a quote from each one of them. You need to plan the quote ahead of time, preferably one month before you relocate.

When you call the movers and ask for a quote, make sure they visit your house and do a visual survey of your property and items. Only in this way, they can determine the amount of items, the time they’ll need and the approximate price you’ll pay.

The visual inspection is very important for taking a look at your parking space in order to know if their vehicle is going to fit. In some cases with no parking space, they need to park on the street, but they have to notify the local police, as there will be traffic obstruction for couple of hours.

Don’t do business with movers who do the survey over the phone, based on the things you say. You aren’t a professional, so you’re likely to miss something important which might play a big role in the process or cost.

When it comes to price, ask them to give you an approximate overall price, but to divide it in separate costs, so that you know how much you pay for packing, transport, insurance etc.

Check the insurance and payment method

Always look for moving companies which offer insurance on your items, as things are prone to getting damaged or broken during the relocation process. It’s even better if the firm offers both basic and upgraded insurance.

The former one is usually used for insuring all items, but the latter is especially useful for insuring fragile belongings. By having everything insured, you are sure that if anything happens during transport, you’ll get a new item or financial compensation.

Furthermore, ask for the payment method. Choose movers which take both cash and credit card. If they insist solely on cash, something’s up.

Is there a delays and complaints policy?

This a very significant question you should ask every professional mover. It’s essential for removalists to have a delays policy, because plenty of unexpected things happen during the preparation and transport, which normally prolong the entire process.

Ask if you should pay extra money in a case where the delay has nothing to do with you. Most firms charge for every extra hour, regardless of the reason.

Also inquire about their complaints policy. What happens if you aren’t satisfied with their service? You should be able to file a complaint to the firm itself, but also to the organization where they are members. Therefore, it’s vital to choose accredited professionals, or otherwise you won’t get anywhere with your complaint.

Wrap up

If you decided to facilitate your moving process by hiring removalists, do a research prior to finding one. We know that you don’t have time to waste, but it’s essential to check if you are dealing with real and reliable professionals.

Determine your needs, have a visual survey, get a quote and insure your belongings. Don’t forget to gather information on their delays and complaints policy. Be armed with all the necessary information. It’ll easy the process for you!